Environmental Harmony

Environmental Harmony

In a world that is incrementally becoming exposed to the effects of climate change, conserving, and preserving our ecology has now become a global imperative as the only way forward to a sustainable survival of human society.

With Chandigarh being an integral part of that ecosystem, Chandigarh Welfare Trust aims to work in the areas of waste management, conservation of the city’s flora and fauna, green cover, and sustainable energy sourcing through several dedicated initiatives.

The organization will work in close association with key stakeholders like government private sector research organizations non-profits and social entrepreneurs to build impact platforms that address these issues, and in a way that is thoughtful and collaborative, to contribute to the 2030 sustainable development goals.

Program Objectives

  • Be a catalyst of change by building awareness and sensitizing communities on the need to adopt best practices for maintaining their surrounding environment
  • Increase green cover in and around Chandigarh
  • Facilitate stakeholder participation in grassroot initiatives focused on city waste management and cleanliness
  • Work with like-minded organizations on the areas of water and climate conservation
  • Engage with local government bodies on initiatives to preserve the flora, fauna, and wildlife of Chandigarh
  • Support, facilitate, and promote citizen initiatives and enterprises on responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices