Our Indentity

The Inspiration

  • Inspired by the equality, diversion, and inclusion offered by the existing open hand symbol of the city
  • Represented as an anthology of Body, Mind and Spirit - Open to give; Open to receive
  • Representing that the city lives in Pluralisms, the identity is a symbolism of individual intent towards a collective response

The Significance:

Pay forward. Bring the difference there are those who simply make their lives special. And also there are those who encourage others to take charge of their lives and make a difference. For them inspiration lies in being awesome and it is that valuable contribution that makes it further awesome.

It is just not about admiration alone but the real commitment and the congenial togetherness that make the true difference. Our deeds of paying forward inspire, attract, and draw the best in individuals, communities and this is what drives us giving us the ability to feel closer to self, nature, resources, and communities, celebrate togetherness, love and respect for self, others and all beings.

The Decree

It is the confidence at the core of this initiative that proposes beauty, elegance, connection and sensuality consistently working towards deepening relationships, achieve intimacy, feel exclusive, making the mysterious mischievous, so as let others and communities feel closer with Chandigarh welfare trust make your collective experiences; celebrate city as individual as well as a happy community, people who love togetherness not just because of the influence intimacy delivers but because it feeds the mind, warms the heart and pleases the senses as evenly as it is at Chandigarh-by creating everyday unique for everyday life help people live fully. It’s only when we support people, respect life, we stay inspired. We stay awesome.